Marine Biodiversity & Rising Investor focus – a Moody’s ESG Report

Rising investor focus on marine biodiversity will heighten scrutiny of companies’ governance and policy measures, new Moody's ESG Solutions report states. A healthy ocean benefits all stakeholders, but also sustains key industries that our economic and trade systems rely on. However, risks to ocean health and marine biodiversity are increasing, with regional and local regulation [...]

Controversy risk assessment: a focus on biodiversity

Biodiversity controversies are captured within our Controversy Risk Assessment database. Data and analytics compiled by V.E, part of Moody’s ESG Solutions, captured 337 individual biodiversity allegations between December 2016 and April 2021. This represents 7% of the 5,097 controversies analysed over the same period. We expect the spotlight on the materiality and impact of biodiversity [...]

Integrating biodiversity into a risk assessment framework

To understand companies’ governance of biodiversity issues, we assess the level of their commitment to integrating biodiversity measures, based on disclosures. The average biodiversity protection score for 1,200 assessed companies was 32 out of 100, highlighting a general lack of disclosures. Within a subsample of 67 heavy construction companies, we find that 61% disclose commitments [...]

Protection of biodiversity: Companies need to take action as scores remain quite limited

Vigeo Eiris rates 1,257 entities on their commitment to integrate protection of Biodiversity into their sustainability risk management and their corporate social responsibility strategy and operation. The overall score appears quite limited (30.8/100) with a clear difference in term of countries, sector and size of the rated organisations. The player that gets the highest average [...]

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