V.E releases updated data from COVID-19 Controversies

The effects of COVID-19 have provided an unprecedented stress test of corporate social responsibility. As the pandemic has evolved, our teams have been monitoring companies to assess their exposure to ESG controversies.

Vigeo Eiris publishes its UN Global Compact ‘Communication on Progress’ for 2017-18

Vigeo Eiris joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in 2005, and has applied and promoted its principles and objectives ever since. Our commitment to the UNGC is natural, given that our Purpose and mission is the assessment and development of sustainability.
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The Development Bank Sector: frequent & severe controversies despite advanced sustainability commitments

New Vigeo Eiris report analysing 11 supranational development banks finds tax responsibility a systemic risk and 45 controversies of high severity
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A new ILO study based on the Vigeo Eiris database

Uneven practices in voluntary labour commitments: an exploration of major listed companies through the Vigeo Eiris database
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Automotive world “Groupe PSA ranked leader of the automotive sector by two major rating agencies”a>

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www.businesswire.com “CSR performance: Groupe PSA ranked leader of the automotive sector by two major rating agencies”a>

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www.ouest-france.fr « RSE. Le label Lucie, un pionnier engagé depuis 10 ans »

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Novethic « Dieselgate : les analystes ne lachent pas (encore) PSA »

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Les Echos Exécutives «La valorisation financière de la RSE reste rare»

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L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques ” De l’importance de l’environnement dans la RSE “

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