Vigeo Eiris publishes its UN Global Compact ‘Communication on Progress’ for 2017-18

This report covers our 2018 activities in relation to our commitments towards the UN Global Compact. We invite readers to note our announcement of 15 April 2019 regarding the change to our shareholder structure: Vigeo Eiris is now an affiliate of Moody’s Investors Service (MIS). The details surrounding this significant development will be published in [...]

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The Development Bank Sector: frequent & severe controversies despite advanced sustainability commitments

The report provides Vigeo Eiris’ exclusive opinion on sector vulnerabilities, controversies and emerging risks, as well as strengths, innovations and best practice in terms of CSR. The report highlights sector ESG challenges and emerging issues, as well as performance scores and advanced indicators on critical issues such as energy transition, business ethics, human capital and [...]

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A new ILO study based on the Vigeo Eiris database

    Research Department Working Paper n°22 Over recent decades, the emergence of new forms of private governance has been one of the most important features in global labour governance. At the moment, our understanding of private governance is however still fragmented and little is known about the degree to which major companies worldwide support [...]

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