Post COP21: How well companies & investors are positioned to respond to climate change 

Rating agencies, such as Vigeo Eiris, have responsibility to hold companies to account on how they address climate change risks and their development of energy transition strategies. As intermediaries between investors and companies, we too play a role in the process of the allocation of capital. All these stakeholder groups are vital in redirecting the [...]

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Green Jobs against crisis

While often seen as a constraint for countries and companies, targets to reduce GHG emissions, increase the share of renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency at both residential and industrial facilities can be considered as an opportunity to encourage the development of new activities and thus create new jobs, most commonly known as "green jobs".

Banking the Bubble

This would determine a limited volume of emissions that could be pumped into the atmosphere whilst avoiding the rise of temperature above the target threshold. In practice, this means the existence of a ‘budget’ for emissions of GHG including CO2, which entails that only a certain amount of fossil fuels can be burned. This will have implications throughout [...]

Massive car recalls: Product safety still a key challenge for the automobile industry

In the past few years, historic recalls and allegations over car safety have impacted the reputation of major car manufacturers, and have led to losses in sales, fines, compensation to victims of accidents, and significant costs for organising recalls. The controversies involving General Motors and Toyota, and the massive recall by ten automobile manufacturers due [...]

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With the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals on the Horizon, the European Food Sector appears under-prepared

In effect, these new Goals will place Food companies as a central component of the architecture that the UN is seeking to develop in order to build a more sustainable planet. Stakeholders’ expectations for food companies regarding sustainable agriculture are already high and following the launch of these new Goals at the end of 2015, [...]

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