Vigeo Eiris launches its rating on the extent to which companies consider the impacts of Artificial Intelligence

In line with its exclusive methodology for rating sustainability risk and performance, Vigeo Eiris will examine the extent to which companies are committed to the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence.
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Protection of biodiversity: Companies need to take action as scores remain quite limited

On the International Day for Biological Diversity, Vigeo Eiris publishes the list of its 18 Top Performing companies on the criteria “Commitment to prevent risks of endangering biodiversity”
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Vigeo Eiris received the ISO 9001 certification

Vigeo Eiris received the ISO 9001 (2015 version) certification for its quality management system following an external audit that took place in January 2019 covering the company’s offices and its key processes related to the rating of the sustainability risks and ESG performance of organisations.
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Vigeo Eiris publishes a new Opinion Column: “Oil sands: what does the future hold?”

The oil sands industry receives much criticism worldwide because of its heavy social and environmental impacts, which can in turn generate complex legal, regulatory and social risks to shareholder value.
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Ecosystem Services

In recent years, the phrase ecosystem services (ES) has been used to describe natural contribution of ecosystems to the functioning and wellbeing of society. These benefits an be direct or indirect, and small or large in scale.
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‘To what extent do companies report on their tax payments?’

Only a small minority of listed companies report comprehensively on their tax payments, providing a country-by-country breakdown and information on their number of employees, operational activities, turnover and profits.
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From COP21 to COP23: Developments in business and investments since the 2015 Paris Agreement

After more than two decades of failed attempts to reach global consensus on climate change, a historic agreement was reached in Paris on 12 December 2015 at the 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Change (UNFCCC - COP21).
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Les Echos Executives « Fiscalité : la transparence n’est pas encore de mise»

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La Tribune «PSA : leader du secteur automobile par 2 agences de notation »

2017-11-08T16:38:52+01:00In the press| «Fiscalité : peu d’entreprises s’expliquent sur ce qu’elles paient (Etude Vigeo Eiris)»

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