Best Emerging Market Performers ranking – July 2021

V.E, part of Moody's ESG Solutions, has updated its Best Emerging Market Performers ranking as of July 2021. This ranking is comprised of the best performing companies listed in Developing markets and which social responsibility approaches are the most advanced in a reference universe of 843 companies from 31 different countries. The composition of this [...]

Vigeo Eiris launches its rating on the extent to which companies consider the impacts of Artificial Intelligence

The rating will focus on the commitments of companies in sectors involved in the design and/or use of Artificial Intelligence to establish clear, documented and verifiable principles, objectives and procedures to prevent the negative externalities of Artificial Intelligence and its contribution to the management of social and societal impacts. This rating will be conducted within [...]

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Protection of biodiversity: Companies need to take action as scores remain quite limited

Vigeo Eiris rates 1,257 entities on their commitment to integrate protection of Biodiversity into their sustainability risk management and their corporate social responsibility strategy and operation. The overall score appears quite limited (30.8/100) with a clear difference in term of countries, sector and size of the rated organisations. The player that gets the highest average [...]

Vigeo Eiris received the ISO 9001 certification

The following processes are certified in compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015: - the internal development of the agency's methodology, - the collection, qualification and rating of ESG and specialised data, - the sales and delivery systems for ESG and specialised data, - the production, sale and delivery of products and [...]

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Vigeo Eiris publishes a new Opinion Column: “Oil sands: what does the future hold?”

Key Findings: - 23 out of 161 oil & gas companies included in Vigeo Eiris’ research universe were identified as having involvement in oil sands operations, the majority of which are North American. - Companies involved in oil sands production display weak to limited commitments to environmental issues, with the majority demonstrating increased GHG emissions. [...]

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Ecosystem Services

The companies under assessment in Vigeo Eiris' paper display a significant overall level of transparency on the topic of biodiversity, but reporting on the specific issue of ecosystem services remains limited. The efficient and responsible management of ecosystem services is both a necessity and a business opportunity for companies, particularly those relying heavily on natural [...]

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‘To what extent do companies report on their tax payments?’

Furthermore only a small number justify their physical presence or the presence of their assets in tax havens or offshore centers. A February 2017 Vigeo Eiris study analysing 1,139 multinational companies revealed that: - Only 2.5% of companies reported comprehensively on their tax payments in line with OECD recommendations . This minority provide a geographical [...]

From COP21 to COP23: Developments in business and investments since the 2015 Paris Agreement

197 countries signed the agreement which became legally binding about a year later, after countries responsible for 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions ratified it. 169 UNFCCC members have ratified the agreement to date. Signatories agreed to keep the overall increase in global temperatures to below 2°C (beyond which, the impact of climate change is [...]

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