Vigeo Eiris supports the new French version of the GRI framework

The GRI announced the finalisation of its new French version of its reporting framework. Vigeo Eiris is part of the 12 partners that supported this project in France.
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RIODD – Vigeo Eiris 2017 Award

Swann BOMMIER (SciencesPo Paris - CERI) , winner of RIODD-Vigeo Eiris 2016 Award
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Next RIODD Convention on October 19th & 20th 2017

Objective of this convention: promote the best thesis on social sciences link to organisations’social or societal responsibility and/or sustainable development
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« Green and Sustainable Finance Initiative »: Paris Europlace presents its 15 recommendations — a faire–

In its report published this week, Paris Europlace unveils its recommandations aiming at developing green and sustainable finance.
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Vigeo Eiris signs a partnership of methods with TK Blue Agency

On February 23rd, during a breakfast meeting, both agencies presented the content of their methods' partnership.
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VIGEO EIRIS becomes an associate member of the afic association

The AFIC Board just confirmed that Vigeo Eiris, an international environmental, social and governance (ESG) research agency, became an associate member of the AFIC

EIRIS partners with SITAWI in Brazil & strengthens presence in Latin America

Leading ESG research provider EIRIS announced that SITAWI, the innovative Brazilian social and sustainable finance specialist, has joined EIRIS’ global network, expanding the network’s presence in Latin America.
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Investors can be catalysts in transition to sustainable biofuels

The use of commercially feasible advanced biofuels (derived from non-food crops) may help to reduce climate risks and avoid environmental and social conflicts associated with conventional food crop based biofuels, says the latest investor briefing released today by EIRIS, a leading global provider of ESG ratings and research to responsible investors.

During VBDO’s Dutch SRI Week 2013: Vigeo and NYSE Euronext organize two SRI panel discussions

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Peter Webster elected to PRI Advisory Council

Yesterday the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) announced the results of the annual election of signatories to the PRI Advisory Council. Peter Webster, CEO of EIRIS, a leading global provider of ESG research for investors, has been elected to one of the two non-asset owner positions open for election this year.
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