ILO publishes new paper on integrating international social standards into corporate strategies, based on Vigeo Eiris data

Published by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in December 2018, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility: Exploring determinants and complementarities’ examines differences in corporate approaches to social responsibility, highlighting the key role that integrating social factors can have in improving company performance
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« Green and Sustainable Finance Initiative »: Paris Europlace presents its 15 recommendations — a faire–

In its report published this week, Paris Europlace unveils its recommandations aiming at developing green and sustainable finance.
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2016: The SRI development goes on: again continued growth for green, social and ethical retail funds in Europe

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The ISO 26000 standard on Organisations’ Social Responsibility provides a guidance to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

With the implementation in January 2016 of the UN Program for Sustainable Development for 2030, the ISO 26000 guidelines are being translated as a guide for action in favour of the 17 UN objectives
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Corporate Reporting Dialogue (CRD): an importante initiative

The Corporate Reporting Dialogue aims at improving the coherence, the materiality and the comparability of the standards and the reference reporting frames of companies on the exercise of their social responsibilities.
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To read: a parliamentary report on ” the Extension of the widened responsibility of producers in the print media “

Vigeo Eiris was auditioned within the scope of the elaboration of this important report written by deputy Serge Bardy and senator Gérard Miquel to Ministers Ségolène Royal and Audrey Azoulay on the environmental responsibility of print media companies.
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Post COP21: How well companies & investors are positioned to respond to climate change

COP 21 is ‘historic’ – a first in history, and now, behind us. But the work towards realising its significant achievements has only just begun.
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Publication of the IRES study: ” The social responsibility and the performance of companies ” carried out with the support of the Vigeo’s research

Last September, The Institute of Economic and Social Research (IRES) and the CFE-CGC published a study of Sandra Cavaco (University of Panthéon-Assas) and Patricia Crifo (Université Paris Ouest-Economix, École Polytechnique et CIRANO (Montréal)) on the link between social responsibility measured by Vigeo scores and opinions and company performance.
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6th national survey – Ipsos for EIRIS and the FIR, The French and Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)

A new survey published today shows that more than half of French consumers aged 16-75 are concerned by the environmental and social implications of their investment choices, while 63% of them have never heard of SRI and only 3% have been offered SRI products by their financial service providers. These figures are significantly different for retail investors with savings and investments in forms where SRI is better established (employee savings vehicles, stocks, mutual investment funds…)1.
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A CERAG article based on Vigeo opinions has been published in the Journal of Business Ethics

Isabelle Girerd-Potin, Sonia Jimenez-Garcès and Pascal Louvet from CERAG have published an article entitled « Which dimensions of social responsibility concern financial investors?” in the scientific Journal of Business Ethics. This research is based on Vigeo ratings and analysis, with an ongoing partnership with CERAG since 2004.
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