Vigeo Eiris provides the UK and Ireland’s energy company SSE PLC with its ESG score for a new sustainable facility in the UK

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE plc) is engaged in the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity. The facility will finance SSE general needs and the interest rate and fees paid of this RCF will directly be linked to the company's sustainable performance based on Vigeo Eiris' rating. This credit transaction follows other operations launched [...]

Vigeo Eiris provides the Spanish company Gestamp with its ESG score for the first ESG linked loan in the automobile sector

The Spanish bank BBVA cooperated with Gestamp, Spanish company that designs, develops, and manufactures components for automobile manufacturers, to link the interest margin of a revolving credit facility (RCF) to the company’s ESG rating provided by Vigeo Eiris. The syndicated facility, set up in 2013, increased in 2016, and renewed in 2019, integrates now this [...]

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