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Vigeo Eiris News - 04/07/2012

The Capitalcom-Vigeo CSR trophy

The first CSR Trophy will be awarded during the 2012 Best-Run French Annual General Meeting Award Ceremony, on July 4th. Nicole Notat, Chairwoman of Vigeo and Caroline de La Marnierre, Chairwoman of Capitalcom, will chair this ceremony in the framework of the Paris Europlace Forum.


CSR is a very important topic in the General Meetings: in 2011, almost one question out of 10 in CAC 40 Annual General Meetings was about corporate social responsibility, be it the distribution of value added, the employees’ turnover or the promotion of human capital.

The general Meeting is the opportunity for the company to explain its strategies and its successes and it must provide the shareholders with the possibility to understand, to appreciate and to express themselves on the company’s commitments regarding CSR.

Capitalcom and Vigeo are affirming their commitment for an enhancement of CSR in General Meetings.

This Trophy, awarded by both companies, will distinguish exemplary companies in terms of intelligibility and relevance of CSR information given during the 2012 CAC 40 Annual General Meeting. Capitalcom and Vigeo adopted 8 evaluation criteria:

  • Pedagogy efforts made during AGM
  • CSR visibility during AGM
  • Completeness of the information
  • Commitment of the board of directors and of the management to carry CSR policy
  • Enhancement of the company’s relationship with its stakeholders
  • External insurance of the extra-financial information given during the AGM
  • Quality and opening efforts while debating with the shareholders
  • General atmosphere of the AGM


More information on the website (only in french).

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