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Actualité Corporate - Vigeo Eiris News - 28/06/2012

The French Citizen Forum on CSR (FCRSE) calls for the strengthening of regulations on corporate reporting

In France, the Citizen Forum on CSR (FCRSE) filed on June 19th, with the support of the lawyers’ association SHERPA, a formal complaint to the Prime Minister against the decree of April 24th 2012 related to "corporate social and environmental transparency obligations."



The Forum notes down that the decree provides two lists of more or less restrictive indicators depending on whether the company is listed or not, this could therefore cause a distortion of competition between listed and unlisted companies of the same sector. This imbalance may slow down the diffusion of transparency practices in the supply chain (suppliers and subcontractors) and limit the possibility of companies’ benchmarking by stakeholders. The Citizen Forum adds that some social indicators are no longer visible, such as the distinction between fixed-term and non fixed-term employment and information about employment recovery plans or executive compensation criteria. It also reveals that subsidiaries are not required to publish information about the social and environmental impact of their activities, while most of the violations are, according to the Forum, perpetrated at the subsidiary level in French companies abroad. Finally, the Forum regrets that the implementation of the article 225 of the French Grenelle II law was deferred a year. It should be recalled that the questioned decree was issued on April 24th.


For more information on the website (only in french).

Read the article about “le renforcement des obligations informationnelles des entreprises sur leur responsabilité sociale (only in french).

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