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To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Vigeo releases a new range of ESG indices. L’Oreal awarded as the leader of the Vigeo French index and BT Group as the global leader

Ten years after being created Vigeo launches a new range of indices identifying companies with the most advanced ESG performance.

Four Vigeo indices have been created:

  • Vigeo World 120, the 120 most advanced companies in the world,
  • Vigeo Europe 120, the 120 most advanced European companies,
  • Vigeo France 20, the 20 most advanced French companies,
  • Vigeo United Kingdom 20, the 20 most advanced British companies.

The indices constituents will be reviewed every six months.

For its tenth anniversary, Vigeo wished to give an ESG award to the leading companies from each of the new indices. As of November 1st,  L’Oreal receives an award as the leader of  the Vigeo France 20 index and  BT Group receives an award as the leader of the Vigeo World 120, Vigeo Europe 120, and Vigeo UK 20 indices.

À l’occasion de son dixième anniversaire, Vigeo a souhaité décerner le Prix de l’Entreprise Responsable aux leaders des univers Monde, Europe, France et Royaume-Uni. Ainsi, à date du 1er novembre 2012, le Groupe L’Oréal remporte l’indice Vigeo France-20 et BT Group remporte le Vigeo World-120, Vigeo Europe-120 et le Vigeo UK-20.


Consult the Vigeo indices’ compositions.

Read the article published in “Les Échos” (only in french).

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