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Towards Resilience, German corporates push for a green stimulus

A paper written by IMUG, a Vigeo Eiris exclusive partner

How will the economic impacts of COVID-19 imprint the actions taken in response to climate change? From government policy to corporate strategy and behaviour, that is the question that many have been asking. Already, the major economies of the world have mobilised record breaking recovery packages in response to the pandemic. For the most part, these stimuli have been focused on supporting the most heavily impacted individuals and industries. However, the simple fact remains, climate change persists. The planet still faces an environmental emergency that requires economic and policy support at a national and global level.

In Germany, 68 corporate leaders have made their position clear through a joint Business Statement ; companies from more than 20 sectors called for economic stimulus policies that support action in response to climate change. In effect, their arguments have centred around the notion that a climate supportive stimulus would also help develop a more resilient, modernised and competitive economy.

In this paper, we provide an analysis of the Business Statement and draw attention to the leading position that many of these signatories already hold within their sectors in terms of Energy Transition performance.

Interested in knowing more, download the full paper below

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