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Press Releases - 03/07/2014

Unigestion integrates EIRIS data into its equities investment process

Research from EIRIS, a leading global provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) research to responsible investors, is being incorporated into the equities investment processes of Unigestion, the boutique asset manager with GBP 9.3 billion of assets under management.

Research provided by EIRIS will assist with identifying ESG risks and exposure to ESG risk themes, including how well companies are managing material ESG issues, risks from news reports of controversial activities and risks from allegations of breach of norms and principles enshrined in international conventions. Unigestion equity portfolio managers will incorporate the EIRIS data within the qualitative analysis phase of the investment process.

Whilst the Sustainability Ratings research provides Unigestion with EIRIS’ absolute sustainability scores at sector, regional and portfolio levels, this service also offers a flexible ratings assessment model within the enhanced functionality of the online EIRIS Global Platform. This permits Unigestion to tailor assessments to their particular risk management concerns.

Peter Webster, CEO at EIRIS, commented: “We are delighted to work with Unigestion, which seeks to actively manage risk from ESG factors. We are proud that EIRIS has been selected by Unigestion and that the ease of integrating our data was a key factor in this selection. We believe that EIRIS’ specialist understanding, independence and extensive research of ESG issues will serve as a highly effective complement to Unigestion’s existing equity analysis tools.”

Alexei Jourovski, Managing Director, Unigestion Head of Equities, said: “As signatories of UN PRI, we are committed to incorporating responsible investment principles into our investment practices and extremely aware of the impact various ESG factors can have on long term performance. Our approach to equities investing has always focused on understanding all kinds of risk and actively managing them to deliver outperformance and protection against downside exposure. We believe the incorporation of EIRIS data into our investment process enhances our ability to actively mitigate potential social and environmental risks for the benefit of investors.”



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