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Job Offers - 18/11/2020

V.E is recruiting an administrator of Research Universe

Permanent contract / Full time / ASAP / Montreuil (line 3)


Meaning of the position
The Administrator of Research Universe is responsible for aligning V.E coverage with market expectations through the strict observance of Universe Management rules and processes.

Main objectives & responsibilities

  1. Produce accurate and timely monitoring of company and index changes: With appropriate classifications and assignations as well as other related documents, you manage data so that they appear correctly for analysts, partners and clients.
  2. Support to V.E teams:
    – You support the Client Service teams and their ability to either deliver services or efforts to gain new clients, by assisting with any kind of queries including, but not limited, to our coverage (portfolio matching).
    – You assist the Research teams in order to answer to request for proposals.
    – You support and liaise constructively with colleagues in V.E to support ongoing enhancements projects and the development of a more efficient Universe Management system.
  3. Market watch & benchmarking:
    – You maintain and update Universe Management-related procedures, market watch on companies categorisation (MSCI, FTSE, Bloomberg, …)

Expected achievements & deliveries
– Accurate business indexes and data
– Investigation on non-conform cases
– Publication creation in Sinot
– Reporting on V.E coverage performances against reference indexes or company lists
– Internal notes / reports

Required skills and knowledges

English: Be able to work in a fluent English environment
Expected level in order to be performant on job: 2/3

Encourage the team synergy:Cooperate closely with Client and IT teams, as well as with Research Partners, your team leader and other Research team members generally, including those in Paris and other offices
Expected level in order to be performant on job: 3/3

Data analysis:
Maintain and update Sinot, Universe Management lists and other related documents by monitoring announcements and processing changes to company coverage to ensure the V.E universe of company and index coverage is kept up to date, and that actions required of other analysts are performed
Knowledge of financial markets will be an asset.
Expected level in order to be performant on job: 2/3

Rigour: Undertake designated quality checks to ensure companies are correctly coded or categorised
Expected level in order to be performant on job: 2/3

Project Management: DContribute to project works related to Universe Management topics
Expected level in order to be performant on job: 1/3


*1/3: basic knowledge 2/3: intermediary knowledge 3/3: general knowledge


How to apply

Please apply by submitting to a resume, a cover letter (no more than 20 lines) demonstrating your qualification and interest for the job.



OFFICES : France