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Company & Organisation News - Thematic Studies - 09/12/2020

V.E Publishes Corruption Prevention Study

Today, December 9th, is United Nations International Anti-Corruption Day. The theme this year is “Recover with integrity.”

The UN states: Corruption thrives in times of crisis and the ongoing global pandemic is no exception. States all over the world have taken significant measures to address the health emergency and to avoid a global economic collapse. They hastily mobilized billions in funds to procure medical equipment and provide an economic safety net for citizens and businesses in distress. The urgent responses required, however, led some States to trade compliance, oversight and accountability for achievement of rapid impact, thus creating significant opportunities for corruption.

“RECOVER with INTEGRITY” highlights that only by putting effective corruption mitigation measures in place will a better recovery be possible, while it also emphasizes that inclusive COVID-19 recovery can only be achieved with integrity.

For International Anti-Corruption Day, V.E has prepared a short read Preventing Corruption: The State of Play, available below for download.

Download :
icon-download-34x36 Preventing Corruption - Short Read
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