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VE Releases New Study on Emerging Risks in the European Insurance Sector

Within our assessments of the insurance sector, Vigeo Eiris analyses how these companies factor emerging risks into their service offering. This Sustainability-Focus provides an overview of the European landscape.


Within the Insurance sector, Vigeo Eiris assesses three elements related to emerging risks; first, companies’ commitments to addressing these emerging risks; second, the reported investments dedicated to research on emerging risks; and third, the provision of insurance policies covering them. Within our 2019 – 2020 assessment of European Insurance sector:

  • 41% of companies reported on commitments addressing emerging risks,
  • 29% reported to have established policies covering emerging risks. Those policies typically cover the issues of cyber-security, demographic changes (ageing populations) and climate change.
  • 52% reported on investments in research on emerging risks. These were typically undertaken with a dedicated department and with stakeholder dialogue through initiatives such as the CRO Forum, which brings together Chief Risk Officers in order to develop industry best practices in risk management.

To continue reading, please download the full study below.

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