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Vigeo Eiris News - 20/11/2012

Vigeo, 10 years already …. By Nicole Notat

We are marking 10 years since Vigeo first came into being. I am tempted to say 10 years already, as this decade has been so dense and productive for our teams here. In 2002, we had the intuition that the idea of social responsibility was going to progressively impose itself on the agendas of businesses and investors alike. At the time, businesses were essentially rated exclusively on their financial performance. The Investors, unions and businesses that worked with us in the creation of Vigeo shared with me the conviction that social and environmental responsibility would constitute a new challenge companies would soon have to deal with, and it was with this in mind that Vigeo would find the resources necessary to grow.

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Ten years later, Vigeo has become an international business with a hundred employees representing eleven nationalities, located in Paris, Brussels, Milan, Casablanca and Tokyo.

Vigeo has proven itself in at least three essential areas.

First, the way we work. We have developed an analysis which takes into account nearly 40 different criteria for evaluation supported by a rigorous methodology. We have built a renowned expertise in extra-financial analysis, recognized by major actors in financial markets and business alike.

Second, our offering of services. We made a bet on responding to the need of businesses and investors who were receptive to the idea of responsible growth through our ratings, audit and consulting services. We were able to succeed thanks to the capability, impartiality and transparency of the Vigeo style and our teams.

Finally, we are able to maintain our independence thanks to the widespread and plural nature of our capital, the autonomy of our scientific council and the rigorous separation of our ratings and auditing activities.

Over the course of these ten years, our intuition have been proven well-founded. The economic, social and environmental challenges are reshaping our economic development models. These changes place new responsibilities on economic and financial actors, and call upon them to take into account new areas of risk and opportunity on every continent.

Vigeo’s teams can be proud for having anticipated this profound and subtle trend, and for having contributed their talent, their energy and their involvement to the emergence and development of these new practices.

But Vigeo’s success would not have been possible without the commitment and fidelity of our shareholders, our clients who place trust in the methodology we have developed, but also in the high level of consistency, thoroughness and independence that characterises our work.

We offer our most sincere thanks to our team, our clients and partners, for having built Vigeo’s success.

More than ever, Vigeo will stay committed to our values, our approach, and our thirst for innovation in the service of social responsibility, responsible investment and sustainable growth.
Nicole Notat

Keywords : ESG, France