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Vigeo Eiris News - 06/10/2015

Vigeo and Governart extend their parternship to latin america

Thanks to this partnership, GovernArt becomes the only company offering in Chile, Peru and Colombia services related to Corporate Social Responsibility ratings based on Vigeo’s international methodology of extra-financial risks assessment.

GovernArt and Vigeo have just reached an agreement in order to develop their partnership in South-America through the extension of the coverage and the depth of their services in Chile, Peru and Colombia.

This new agreement between the two organizations completes a joint work led since 2013, and answers the new challenges companies and institutional investors are facing in terms of extra-financial risks

Thanks to this agreement, all companies nominated in the ALAS 20 initiative (« Agenda Lideres Sustentables 2020 », project developed in Chile, Peru and Colombia) will be evaluated and assessed by Vigeo. Then the results will be provided to ALAS 20’s jury in order to select the leading ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) organizations in this region.

The assessed companies and institutional investors will have access to the results and to an ESG screening format database of 3,000 Vigeo-rated organizations.




According to Germán Heufemann, Associate Director at GovernArt, « the way companies manage non-financial risks has been changing over the last months; it is no longer considered as an optional path, but is becoming a nearly inescapable necessity ». He raises that « financial markets regulators as well as hedge funds ones have established norms in order to promote the management of ESG issues, due to the high economic impact of both groups », and adds: « in this context, companies are led to take into considerations ESG risks-assessments as guidance, to insure their sustainable development strategies, particularly towards investors and shareholders ».

In that context of mutation, Mr. Heufemann considers that “the agreement between Vigeo and GovernArt provides a global answer to these challenges, as it offers companies a service combining extra-financial assessment conducted by Vigeo with the expertise of GovernArt, the latter including operational recommendations to improve the integration of CSR at organizational level. Thus, companies will be able to equip themselves with a sustainability guide adapted to their activities and to focus on value-making resources, following a sectorial approach”.

According to Beatriz Calderón, Director of Research and Training at GovernArt and signatory of the agreement in Paris, « the goal is to allow companies to win time and money in the building of their CSR strategies by providing them with a matrix made of ESG metrics, indicators and results that represents a communication tool with the financial markets ».

According to Nicole Notat, founder and CEO of Vigeo, this agreement with GovernArt as well as the development of Vigeo’s activities in Chile, Peru and Colombia are the logical follow-up of the company’s growth strategy in Latin America: « At Vigeo, we observed the increasing interest of European investors for assessments of South American companies. In addition, companies themselves wish to have access to our assessments and third-party expert opinions, which report on their level of performance regarding Social Responsibility goals. Institutional investors in the region are more and more aware of the importance of integrating extra-financial information in their analysis and in the constitution of their portfolio. This partnership with GovertArt is thus a tremendous vector of promotion of Social Responsibility and Socially Responsible Investment.”

Fanny Tora, Head of South American markets at Vigeo, said “this new agreement not only provide us with information on the actual sustainability practices and policies in Chile, Peru and Colombia, but is also the opportunity to strengthen our presence in this attractive market in full growth”


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