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Company & Organisation News - 29/10/2013

Vigeo and its partners introduced the issues linked with relationships between suppliers and clients during a morning conference

Companies' relationships to suppliers are a topical issue at the core of economic competitiveness.

More than 400 companies have signed the Charter “Sustainable Relationships with Suppliers”. By doing so, they prove that they were willing to build sustainable and balanced relationships with their suppliers and to trust each other.

To strengthen their commitments, some of them decided to have their practices assessed in order to be labeled. They thus prove that they were engaged in sustainable purchasing.


During a morning conference, Vigeo, Médiation Inter-Entreprises (the government body helping companies to improve their relations with suppliers) and the CDAF (organization gathering purchasers) shed light on:

  • the label “Sustainable Relationships with Suppliers”: the reasons why, the way how
  • get access to the label : methods and implementation
  • the experience of four labeled companies. Orange, Sanofi, Silec Cable et Thales introduced the advantages of being labeled and the lessons they have learnt from the whole process.
Keywords : ESG, France