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Vigeo Eiris and Moody’s Investors Service join forces to celebrate the recognition and the value of non-credit evaluations

Confirming their shared common goals, Vigeo Eiris has accepted Moody's Investors Service’s offer to become its majority shareholder. This decision was unanimously approved by Vigeo Eiris’ Board of Directors on March 27, 2019.

This transaction stems from the recognition that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) assessments are becoming a significant factor in economic and financial players’ investment decisions and risk analyses, both in Europe and worldwide. It is driven by the ambition to develop a global standard for ESG assessments.
It builds on Vigeo Eiris’ robust and transparent ESG framework, supported by the strong expertise of its teams.
By choosing to join Moody’s Investors Service, Vigeo Eiris has decided to bring its mission and objectives to fruition through a process which started with the 8 December 2017 Investors Statement “Towards a widespread use of non-financial ratings*” [Déclaration des Investisseurs du 8 décembre 2017 « Vers une généralisation de la notation extra-financière]. Vigeo Eiris is giving itself every opportunity to successfully pursue its founding ambition to service economic and financial players committed to secure a sustainable and inclusive growth.
Vigeo Eiris will retain its brand name and maintain its headquarters in France, ensure continuity of services and remain autonomous analytically. Nicole Notat will continue to serve as President and will strengthen her management team by hiring Sabine Lochmann as CEO to drive the company’s growth. The agency’s Scientific Council will retain all current responsibilities.
As such, Vigeo Eiris will work with Moody’s Investors Service to provide investors and issuers with data, research, products and solutions to enhance and develop the incorporation of ESG factors into their strategy and operations.

“It is with resolve and optimism that I welcome this transaction. It heralds a new era and propels Vigeo Eiris and its teams to new heights in an evolving world where deciphering complex risks is more necessary than ever. I welcome our new majority shareholder and would like to express my sincere appreciation to all those who have faithfully supported our company’s growth since it was created,” said Nicole Notat, President of Vigeo Eiris.

“Our agency has an incredibly dedicated team to service customers with high quality, innovative products and solutions. Through this alliance, within a very constrained environment, both investors and issuers will be able to access a comprehensive portfolio of services to assess financial and non-financial risks and facilitate sustainable performance.” Sabine Lochmann, Vigeo Eiris CEO, adds.

“In the world of financial and non-financial assessments, Vigeo Eiris and Moody’s Investors Service are two renowned players with shared values of transparency, excellence and independence,” said Myriam Durand, Global Head of Assessments at Moody’s Investors Service.

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