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Vigeo Eiris compares its ESG criteria and sector frameworks to those of SASB

Vigeo Eiris has completed a mapping of its ESG research framework to those provided by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

Following an internal review, some of our ESG sector analysis models are being updated to take into greater consideration the SASB recommendations. In keeping with our commitment to transparency and in the interests of deepening market understanding on the differences and similarities of our value propositions, Vigeo Eiris is pleased to disclose the high-level results in this short paper.

What was done:
Our mapping was conducted at three levels. Firstly, mapping the SASB sectors against Vigeo Eiris’ sector frameworks. Secondly, mapping the content of our ESG research framework with the SASB “Sustainability Dimensions” and “Sustainability Issues”. Thirdly, analysing the level of overlap between what SASB identify as material issues for sectors with what Vigeo Eiris identify as material issues.

Access to the findings and all the details of this publication  by downloading the document below.

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