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Actualité Corporate - Vigeo Eiris News - 01/03/2017

Vigeo Eiris contributes to scientific research on social responsibility: 80 academic partnerships have been signed in the past fifteen years

Vigeo Eiris has released a brochure presenting an overview of the main publications and key findings from its academic partners who used Vigeo Eiris database on companies ESG ratings for their academic research.

Since 2002,  Vigeo Eiris has given access to its ESG database to more than a hundred researchers and PhD students, through 79 academic partnerships signed with universities or research centres from 13 countries worldwide. Among those partnerships, 22 led to a concrete publication (research article, working papers, thesis, reports) in prestigious academic journals or reference work.

On average, six academic articles are published per year based on Vigeo Eiris ESG database. Academic research has focused on the links between companies’ commitments on various social responsibility criteria as rated by Vigeo Eiris and companies governance, performance and risk management. Most articles demonstrate a positive correlation between the extend to which companies take into account social responsibility criteria and the various type of performances. The brochure below provides a selection of key findings and quotes from academic partners.

For further information, download our academic partnerships brochure

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