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Vigeo Eiris & GovernArt published: Performance of Latin American Investors

In this study, Vigeo Eiris and GovernArt highlighted Latin-American investors’ practices when it comes to integrating ESG factors in their strategies, processes, and investment decision making.

Vigeo Eiris & GovernArt have been promoting ESG integration by investors and companies in Latin America for more than 3 years.

This publication aims to serve as a baseline for future comparisons and updates so as to identify progress and trends in responsible investment in Latin-America.

For the first time, in partnership with the Adolfo Ibanez University, the results of these ratings are published through the ESG Series.

These studies aim to highlight the main strategies, practices and trends observed in companies and investors from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru, when it comes to integrate ESG aspects in their investment and management strategies.

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