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Company & Organisation News - 01/10/2018

Vigeo Eiris provided second-party opinion on the Sustainability Bond Framework issued by National Bank of Canada

The Framework will govern future potential Sustainable Bond issuances intended to finance and refinance both environmental and social projects

The future potential sustainable bonds will be used to finance and refinance five Eligible Businesses and Projects Categories, namely of renewable energy, sustainable buildings, clean transportation, affordable housing and access to essential services. These Eligible Categories are expected to contribute to five sustainability objectives namely climate change mitigation, air pollution prevention and control, and access to affordable housing and to basic and essential services.

Vigeo Eiris provided an independent Second Party Opinion on the sustainability credentials and management of the Sustainability Bond Framework leading to a reasonable level of assurance on the Issuer’s commitments and the Bonds’ contribution to sustainability.

Further information is available on Bank of Canada website

Keywords : Green bonds