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Vigeo Eiris provided the Spanish mining company Atlantic Copper with its Second party opinion and its ESG score on its €44 million bilateral loans.

Atlantic Copper issued a €19 million green loan in order to finance six green projects.

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Vigeo Eiris was missioned to produce a Second party opinion to assess that the operation is aligned with the four pillars of the Green Bond Principles 2018 and to affirm the company’s contribution to sustainable development.

The other €25 million loan consists in a sustainable revolving credit line (or sustainability-linked loan), BBVA acting as a sustainable coordinator. Vigeo Eiris evaluated the company’s ESG performance and will do so every year. This score will impact the loan interest rate.

This credit transaction confirms the development of this new way to directly align the financing cost to the sustainability performance of a company, either using indicators or ESG scores

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