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Company & Organisation News - 17/10/2018

Vigeo Eiris provides second-party opinion on the first Positive Impact Bond issued by ALD Automotive Group

The €500 million green bond will be used to finance and refinance projects towards clean transportation and the promotion of the transition to a low carbon future

The Positive Impact Bond, issued by ALD Automotive Group, subsidiary of Société Générale Group, totals 500 million Euros over 4 years, with a fixed-rate senior note.
ALD Automotive is engaged in the development and funding of clean transportation as well as the promotion of the transition to a low carbon future.
The positive impact bond will be used to finance or refinance eligible vehicles with a priority given to vehicles with the greatest net positive contribution to climate change.
Vigeo Eiris provided independent Second Party Opinion on the sustainability credentials and management of this positive impact bond based on due diligence on the issuer and the issuance (Green Bond Framework and selected projects) according to the Green Bond Principles, the Principles for Positive Impact Finance and internal ESG standards, leading to a reasonable level of assurance on the sustainability of the Bond and its positive contribution to sustainable development, especially climate change mitigation, air quality improvement and environmental health.

Further information will be available on ALD Automotive website

Keywords : green bond, SUSTAINABLE FINANCE