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Vigeo Eiris releases 12 professional commitments towards the issuers it rates

Vigeo Eiris has released 12 professional commitments towards the issuers it rates, as part of its ongoing dialogue with rated issuers regarding its responsibilities, quality of service and processes for continuous improvement.

The charter of 12 commitments is particularly aimed at the 4,600+ issuers rated as part of Vigeo Eiris’ unsolicited ESG rating services.

The commitments demonstrate Vigeo Eiris’ desire to better explain its role and responsibilities within the sustainable finance value chain, and to formalise key commitments to issuers in addition to its existing practice, rules of governance and ethics principles which are already outlined in its Code of Conduct and apply to all stakeholders.

The 12 commitments strengthen Vigeo Eiris’ principle of independence, guaranteeing good governance and an equal and consistent rating process for all issuers. They also underline the agency’s efforts to improve the transparency of its rating process and methodologies for rated issuers, to guarantee that issuers receive advance notice of their rating, have constant access to their analyst and receive technical support throughout the rating process.

The document defines a series of rights for rated issuers, such as the right to appeal against their rating at three different levels; the right to choose not to interact with Vigeo Eiris or to answer its questionnaire; and the right to receive a high-level overview of their rating in a manner which respects the agency’s intellectual property rights.

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