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Vigeo Eiris, second party opinion for France’s first green bond

This is the major event of the beginning of this year 2017: France is launching its first green bond “Green OAT*” supported by Vigeo Eiris’ second opinion



On Tuesday January 3rd, Ségolène Royal, French Minister of the Environment, Energy and Sea, and Michel Sapin, French Minister of the Economy and Finance, presented the framework of the first French State’s green issuance. An operation that will finance France’s climate and environmental policies in a responsible and innovative manner.

In line with the commitments taken by France to implement the Paris agreement regarding climate, with its climate policies, and based on the Label on Energy and Ecological Transition for Climate, the label “TEEC”, this first green bond for France will target the spendings from the State’s budget and the Program for Investments of the Future (Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (PIA)) on the :
– fight against climate change
– adaptation to climate change
– protection of biodiversity
– fight against pollution

Through this issuance, Vigeo Eiris’ role is to evaluate this green OAT* and to provide an opinion about the integration of environmental and social responsibility factors and purposes in the conception and management of this issuance, aligned with the “Green Bond Principles”.

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*OAT means “Obligation Assimilable du Trésor”, a bond issued by the State. This green OAT should be considered as the potential upcoming operation, which issuance depends on market conditions.

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