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Company & Organisation News - 09/10/2015

Vigeo joins Comité 21, the first independent network of sustainable development actors

Vigeo becomes a member of Comité 21. Considering the closeness of their fields and the very wide convergence of their objectives, Vigeo and Comité 21 agreed to strengthen their ties. Vigeo has now become a member of Comité 21.



In its missions of analysis and support towards investors and company directors, Vigeo contributes to the integration, through the strategies and processes of managing its partners and by supporting the five commitments defined by Comité 21:

  • Global and integrated approach of sustainable development ein terms of ethics, efficiency and progress on economic, social and environmental plans
  • Regular report of its sustainable development policy, objectives to achieve and acquired results, in all sincerity and with full transparency
  • Respect for life, the assertion of cultural diversity and its expression, in our country and outside France
  • Development of management processes and of internal, initial and continuous training in sustainable development: implementation of social dialogue conditions and participative democracy.
  • Contribution to the development of viable trade, in particular by promoting fair trade and the reduction of disparities between the North and the South.


To read more about Comité 21.

Keywords : ESG, France