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Investor News - 07/03/2012

Vigeo Renews Quality Certification for its Research

Vigeo Rating has for the second time received the CSRR-QS certification (Corporate Social Responsibility Research Quality Standard), a mark of recognition for its Equitics methodology and its analysis and monitoring processes.



Launched by the AI CSRR, Association of Independent Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Research, this International Voluntary Quality Standard has been developed to promote high quality extra-financial research and standards for organizations in the field. The Standard assessment and auditing process requires research agencies to concentrate on: continuous quality improvements and quality control systems in place across all research areas; developing and implementing Codes of Conduct that ensure the independence, integrity, probity, transparency and accountability in the research process; and to monitor and write reports on improvements in all aspects of research quality.

Following an auditing process at all of Vigeo’s locations, this certification was obtained for the first time in March 2009 and was renewed until February 2015.

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